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Global Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing professional service to small and mid-size commercial and government contractors in need of Managed Security Services, SWFT Fingerprinting, Human Capital Management, Recruiting and Payroll services. We provide cost savings through innovative strategies and promote growth by taking the administrative burden off executives that need to invest more time on growing their business.



Employing an FSO or Security Team can be costly as an overhead expense, however, Global Solutions provides a team of professionals to provide the necessary support in the management and administration of your program at an affordable cost. Our team is well-versed to plan, develop, monitor, and continually assess security operations to maintain compliance with Defense Counterintelligence Agency (DCSA) and the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) to allow leadership time to focus on their business growth and reinvestments.


Cleared Industry Contractors are required to submit electronic fingerprints, but the cost of a machine is high to small and mid-size companies that do not process that many in a given year. Global Solutions provides a mobile electronic fingerprinting option to support these small and mid-size businesses. Electronic fingerprints will be digitally imaged using an approved Livescan machine. Global Solutions may also submit the electronic fingerprint file through the Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system on your behalf at costs that are affordable.


All business owners know that Human Resource issues can take up a majority of your day – leaving no time to focus on the business itself. Global Solutions supports organizations with practical HR solutions to take those issues off your plate. We provide solutions through HR Outsourcing, HR Project Support, Being another set of hands to your current HR team, Compliance, or Interim in-person Support. Global Solutions strives to be a nimble partner and can tailor services to our clients’ needs.


Recruiting top talent is the lifeblood of any organization. Hiring the wrong people or not being able to find the right people disrupts your business. We are here to help! Global Solutions provides scalable recruiting support for organizations. Our team of recruiters seamlessly identify, screen and acquire top talent – including hard to find candidates. Our recruiters are excited to help you with all stages of recruiting from identifying to hire. We are also experienced in proposal recruiting for Government Contractors.


Running payroll is time-consuming, disruptive, and complicated. Administrating payroll shouldn’t be on a business owner’s plate, but for most small business owners, it is. We provide small business owners more time back in their day by calculating payroll obligations for each employee, entering deductions, managing timesheets, answering employees’ questions, and providing management reports. We are happy to accommodate any pay cycle.


COVID-19 and Your Cybersecurity

COVID-19 and Your Cybersecurity

Over the last several weeks there has been a large increase of activity across cyberspace surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and malicious actors trying to take advantage of this unfortunate time we are all living in. With much of our workforce being pushed remote, it...

Don’t Lose the Positives of Remote Work

Don’t Lose the Positives of Remote Work

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