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      Managed Security Services

      Global Solutions provides full support to cleared industry security programs. We can be your virtual security department or on site support staff. For companies that have a Facility Security Officer but do not need a full-time security administrator, Global Solutions can provide the management and administration to plan, develop, monitor, and continually assess security operations to maintain compliance with Defense Security Service (DSS) and the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).

      Services Include: 

      • JPAS Management
      • Process transfer of personnel
      • Termination/Separation
      • On-going education
      • Visit Authorization Requests (VARs)
      • Request for Research & Upgrade (RRU)
      • Incident reports
      • Administration of initial, annual, and debrief security briefings
      • Conduct Self-Inspections
      • DSS Assessment preparation and attendance
      • E-FCL Guidance
      • Maintain personnel security files
      • Verify Proof of Citizenship
      • Process initial and reinvestigations
      • Provide personnel guidance
      • e-QIP best practices
      • SF-86 reviews, comments & submission
      • NDA (SF312) collection and submission
      • Insider Threat

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